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  • First International Bank (SL) Limited is a leading Bank in Sierra Leone with seventeen (17) branches nationwide. The Bank serves individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Corporate customers. FiBank has a robust position in the Sierra Leone Banking sector.

    To be a leading financial powerhouse in Sub-Saharan Africa by always making the difference in the marketplace.

    Mission Statement
    To be a world-class bank by making customer value and maximum return to all stakeholders our guiding star.

    Three distinct Business areas:
    - Retail & Consumer Banking
    - Commercial Banking
    - Corporate Banking

    Growth profile
    The bank has been on a steady and progressive growth over the years. FiBank started operations with only the head office branch in 2002, but today has the largest number of full-fledge bank branches across the country. The massive investment in the expansion drive of the bank lays credence to its confidence in the nation's economy as the growth in network expansion even to remote localities translate to positive fillip to the economic well-being of the locality and overall benefit to the nation's economy. Today, the bank has a good spread of branches across the country with 9 branches in Freetown and 9 in Provincial Cities in addition to 7 cash centres. Within a decade of operation, 18 branches of the bank are offering first-class banking services to the public across the country, supported by modern IT solutions, to achieve on-line, real time transactions.

    Branch Network
    The strategic branch network policy of the bank is a deliberate growth plan aimed at taking banking services to the door steps of its customers. The bank operates 18 full-fledge branches across the country.
    Apart from the Head Office branch that is located within the corporate headquarters on Charlotte Street, other 17 branches are sited in strategic locations across the country. The history of the branch set-up of the bank shows that after the head office branch, the Cline Town branch was opened followed by the one at Lungi which happened to be the first bank to be opened there after the war. The next branch was Lumley which also has the record of being the first branch to be opened in the Lumley community, before the Ecowas Street branch was opened.
    History was also made when the bank opened the first bank branch in Waterloo, before opening yet the first bank since after the war for the people of Port Loko; followed by the Bo branch. Kenema branch became the next branch after Bo before the branch at Brookfield became operational, followed by Kissy Road and Aberdeen Road Branches. Kailahun branch which also has a record of being the first bank to be opened in that locality was opened followed by Makeni and the branch at Magburuka, which also has the record of being the first bank to be opened in that locality, followed by Kono branch, before that of Calaba town, which as well enjoys epochal characteristic of being the first in that locality. Like a torch-bearer, FiBank continues to strategize to discover locations that are yearning for banking services. The branch network expansion drive of the bank has been phenomenal and since inception the bank has carved a niche for itself as the fastest growing bank in Sierra Leone, with the largest number of branches in the country.( Note: Include the 18th branch)

    Main banking operations, Products & Services
    The bank's operations are structured on three distinct business platforms: Retail and Consumer Banking, Commercial Banking and Corporate Banking. This structure, operating in tandem with the bank's control system and support services, ensure excellent customer service, effective relationship management, as well as new business and product development, specifically tailored to suite target markets.

    Special products
    The bank responds adequately to the needs of its teeming customers and the market by designing special products and services, specifically tailored to meet those needs. Some of the unique products of the bank include:
    ➢ FiBank Special Savings Account
    ➢ FiBank Pikin Savings
    ➢ FiBank Osusu Plan
    ➢ FiBank Premium Account
    ➢ FiBank Fulfillment Account
    ➢ FiBank Fastlink
    ➢ FiBank Salary Loan Scheme
    ➢ FiBank Asset Acquisition Loan (Scheme)
    ➢ FiBank Target Savings Scheme

    Strategic Focus
    The strategic focus of the bank include: Taking Demand and Time Deposits, Pension Fund Management, Portfolio Management, Lending to SMEs and large corporate concerns, Micro-Credit, Customer Finance Products and Export Finance. Others include: International Trade Finance, Equipment Leasing, Investment Banking, Fund Transfer, Private Banking, Electronic Banking Products and Financial Advisory Services.

    Products & Services
    The bank offers wide range of products and services which include: Current and Savings Accounts, Overdrafts and Lines of Credit, Salary Advance/Loan Scheme, International Trade and Warehouse Financing as well as Project Financing. Others include: Guarantees, Indemnities and References, Foreign Exchange Operations, Western Union Money Transfer and Saturday Banking.

    Micro-Credit (FiBank Osusu Plan)
    Osusu is the institutional framework for rotating group savings and loans that has its origin from primordial African society. As a micro-credit scheme, it has evolved over the past decades and transformed from small savings and loans group into medium and
    large-scale informal capital formation scheme, so popular in Sierra Leone among both urban and rural businesses and working class men and women.
    Thus, FiBank Osusu Plan is a unique and ubiquitous micro-credit scheme designed and specially modeled to link the traditional Osusu, which is the heartbeat of the informal savings and loans in Sierra Leone to the formal banking system. The scheme has transformed many lives in Sierra Leone, with the volume of instant micro-credit facilities that have been extended to the lower tier of the market, across the country.

    Saturday Banking
    In the colonial era, it was said that some financial institutions in Sierra Leone, tried for a short period of time to offer banking services on Saturday, but that was in the days of yore. But the banking industry and the Sierra Leone banking public got a pleasant surprise on the 4th of November, 2006, when FiBank re-introduced Saturday banking in Sierra Leone.
    Saturday banking was never contemplated by other operators in the financial sector, until FiBank in its trail-blazing fashion, made it a novel service which other banks in Sierra Leone are now emulating. FiBank changed the landscape of modern banking in Sierra Leone by that singular act, delivering Saturday banking services to the people in all of its branches nation-wide.

    Western Union Money Transfer
    FiBank started operation in Sierra Leone as a sub-agent of Western Union Money Transfer, but within few years, the bank was appointed a full agent and has become a key player of that franchise with a commanding share of the market in Sierra Leone. The bank enjoys a comparative advantage of its wide network of branches and cash centers, through which it extends the service to most of the key cities across the country.

    Corporate Social Responsibility
    As part of its deliberate policy to impact positively on the environment where it does business, FiBank Sierra Leone has over the years since inception, made significant contribution to the socio-economic growth and well being of the people of Sierra Leone.
    The bank had been involved in developmental projects, scholarships and philanthropic donations in order to improve the lives of the people. For instance in 2009, the bank was the major contributor to the full renovation of Arakan Officers' Mess in Wilberforce barracks. It has also given significant support to several organizations some of which are Ballanta Academy, Old Edwardians Association, Nigeria Technical Aids Corps in Sierra Leone and Milton Margai College of Education.
    Some other entities that the bank has over the years extended donations and support to include: Breast Cancer Foundation, SLIEPA, National School for Deaf, Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Trade & Industries in addition to support for sponsored walk by NGOs, Agricultural Trade Fairs and Ladies' Dinner Club. The bank equally assist various public spirited groups from both the public and private sectors whose works and programmes are meant for public good as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility.
    Currently, the bank has brought from Germany over 200 chairs for public use at the Lungi International Airport in order to provide more comfort for the in- and out-bound passengers.

    Human Resource Capital
    Even though FiBank Sierra Leone is a product of Direct Foreign Investment (DFI), with FiBank Gambia as its majority shareholder, the bank provides employment to mostly Sierra Leonean professionals, young graduates and school leavers. With its rapid branch network expansion programme, the staff strength has risen to about 300 with over 95% of them as Sierra Leone citizens. The bank places emphasis on training and retraining of its personnel to meet the challenges of modern banking. It also motivates its staff sufficient enough to make them brand loyal, focused and optimally productive.

    Awards and Laurels
    Apart from its core-business, FiBank is actively involved in industry sporting competitions. The bank's male and female volley ball teams have been champions and Cup holders of the All Financial Institutions Volley Ball Championship. Also, the male and female football teams are equally very competitive like the bank is, on the field of play.
    On the professional turf, FiBank some years back was voted and awarded 'THE BEST FINANCIAL INSTITUTION OF THE YEAR 2009', by A.W.O.L, a reputable independent Annual Award-giving Institution in Sierra Leone. The bank was recognized as the fastest growing bank in Sierra Leone, empowering the people by providing employment and availing the people with first-class products and services, as well as contributing immensely to the economic development of the country.

    Also, on the 11th of March 2013 the bank added another feather to its corporate cap of awards when it received the coveted INTERNATIONAL TROPHY FOR QUALITY Award
    from The Global Trade Leaders' Club in Paris, France. The Award is in recognition of the bank's commitment to improved products and services that have received universal acclaim.

    Corporate Re-branding
    The bank successfully rebranded in 2009 and completed the aesthetic process in 2010/2011. The bank changed from the acronym 'FIB' to 'FiBank', while the corporate slogan changed from 'making the difference' to 'local commitment, global focus'. Today, FiBank has become a household name and the banking public has become accustomed to the new brand. Indeed, the re-branding was part of a strategic corporate re-engineering process to reposition the bank for both local and global challenges.

    Board & Management
    The bank is endowed with highly experienced directors with impeccable knowledge and character, made up of Sierra Leoneans and foreigners. 

    Future prospects: Forward-looking
    The bank is resolute to continue to uphold its virtues of efficient service delivery to the customers, culture of transparency, report accuracy and good corporate governance. Even as the global and local financial markets become increasingly challenging, the bank will always remain proactive and focused to consolidate on its strengths and adopt far-reaching strategies to overcome any weaknesses, while taking great advantage of opportunities to ward off any threats to its continued growth and corporate percipiency.
    The bank will prioritize regular update of its IT Solutions and infrastructure for effective and efficient operations, while intensifying on training and re-training of its personnel. Added impetus will be given to the development and introduction of more customer-focused products and services to meet and even surpass the expectations of our customers.

    FiBank is without doubt a strong brand in the banking industry. It has shown enormous resilience and sagacity in the midst of challenges since it started business, and exemplifies strong corporate character and pedigree in its operational strategies. Its firm belief in Sierra Leone's economic growth is unwavering and that underlines its huge investment in branch network expansion even in locations others dare to establish in order to empower the people in those localities, create employment and curb rural-urban migration.


    Group Head Office & Affiliates

    Group Head Office:
    2, Kairaba Avenue, KSMD Banjul, The Gambia. Tel: + 220-4396580/4396583

    FiBank Guinea:
    557, Conakry, Republique de Guinee Bu: + 224-3045738/48

    Our Correspondent Banks are: Unicredito, Italiano SPA, Milan, Italy and Standard Chartered Bank, London.


    We offer a host of Products and Services to our valued customers.

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